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Assorted Raspberry and Apricot Danish
Buttery and crumbly dough filled with apricot or raspberry jam and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.   
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Assorted Shot Glasses
Chocolate, Raspberry, Tiramisu Mousse filled Shot Glasses. **Shot Glasses come as Plastic**   
Atayef Tray
Patty like dough filled with semolina cream dipped in honey.   
Awame Tray
Baby Boy Box
Bar Cookies
Pecan, chocolate, apricot, and raspberry chewy bars.   
Barma Tray
Sweet kataifi nestled with pistachio.   
Blue Jordan Almonds
Blue Jordan Almond Lebes    
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Blueberry Crumb Strip
Short crust filled with fresh blueberries, topped with with strudel crumbs   
Bourekas With Cheese
dairy mazza
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Bowtie Cookies
Glazed and flakey puff pastry twisted into a bowtie form.   
Boxed Mini Wedding Cake
Boxed Sweets
Bread Cornucopia
Bris Breakfast Box
Candy Apples
Candy Bouche
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Caramel Apple Cobbler Strip
Short crust filled with fresh apples and cinnamon, topped with with strudel crumbs   
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Caramel Log
Layers of melt in your mouth espresso chocolate & caramel nestled in a hazelnut sponge cake   
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