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$150 Square Gift Platter
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10" Ambrosia Cake
Layers of dense chocolate cake filled with a dense chocolate ganache.   
10" Apple Crumb Pie
Short crust base of a finely textured crumb topping, crowns a tall mound of apple filling.   
10" Apple Pie
America's favorite. A flakey golden crust, with mounds of juicy apples, crowned with a lattice topping.   
10" Banana Bash
A Runny Chip base with banana pudding topped with custard filled cream puffs.  
10" Berry Pie
Short crust pastry base filled with whipped cream, topped with a layer of sponge cake and garnished with assorted berries.   
10" Black Forest
Chocolate cake with whipped cream mixed with cocktail fruits.   
10" Boston Cream Pie
No description available.   
10" Bread Basket
10" Fancy Bread Basket **Rolls Not Included**
10" Brownie Fudge
A dense chocolate cake nestled between chocolate pudding and chocolate mousse topped with chunks of brownies and whipped cream.  
10" Cappuccino Cake
Nut sponge cake with coffee and coconut custard mixed with truffle topped with ganache.  
10" Caramel Blondie
Moist vanilla cake with caramel custard topped with chunks of blondies drizzled with caramel.  
10" Carrot Cake
Moist and luscious layers of cinnamon spiced carrot cake filled with cream and walnut crumbs.  
10" Chocolate Cream Pie
Short crust filled with chocolate pudding topped in chocolate mousse and whipped cream.   
10" Chocolate Fantasy
Rich chocolate cake with truffle filling smothered with chocolate ganache and moist cake bites.   
Sold Out
10" Chocolate Mirror
Two layers of coconut meringue between a dense chocolate fudge and a coffee mousse, finished with a dark chocolate ganache.  
10" Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate sponge cake with a bittersweet chocolate mousse topped in ganache.  
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